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Price: $1,195

The MLP4-2 test kit combines the OPM4-2D optical power meter and OLS1-Dual LED light source and is ideally suited for testing multimode fiber optic networks.

The OLS1-Dual features 850 nm and 1300 nm LED output from a single output port and is easy to operate with only a power button and a wavelength select button. The LED output is stabilized to ensure accurate test results per current TIA/EIA requirements. This light source offers 3 modes of operation: Dual wavelengths sending ID, single wavelength sending ID, and CW. [Active Output], [Battery], and [External Power] indicators identify the currently enabled operating mode, battery charge status, and external power presence. The output port is equipped with a removable SC (FC & ST available) adapter to allow the output connector to be inspected and cleaned.

The OPM4-2D offers Wave ID, automatic wavelength identification and switching, when used with the OLS1-Dual. Multiple test Tone detection is provided for fiber identification. The OPM4-2D stores optical references for each calibrated wavelength. An easy to read Dual Wavelength LCD display with Backlight shows measured power [dBm or W] or insertion loss [dB], calibrated wavelengths, tone signal [Hz], wavelength ID, and the battery charge status.

In addition to being powered by two AA alkaline, the OPM4-2D or OLS1-Dual can be powered by optional AC adapter and/or rechargeable NiMH battery pack.

The OPM4-2D optical input port accepts Noyes thread-on style adapter caps. Adapter caps are required for operation and must be ordered separately.

The OPM4-2D and OLS1-Dual are fully N.I.S.T. traceable.

  • Rugged, handheld, lightweight
  • Designed for field use
  • Certify multimode fiber links per TIA/EIA standards
  • Wave ID - automatic wavelength identification and switching
  • Dual Wave ID, single Wave ID, CW
  • Large LCD with Backlight
  • Power measurements in dBm or W; insertion loss in dB
  • Reference power level storage
  • AA alkaline, optional rechargeable NiMH battery pack or AC adapter
  • Low battery indicator
  • Free 50 m and 62.5 m mandrels
  • Cost-effective, easy to use
  • N.I.S.T traceable

  • Features:
  • Multimode and single-mode testing
  • Loss measurements at 850 and 1300nm
  • Includes 50 and 62.5 m mandrels
  • Field portable, battery operated
  • Certify 50 or 62.5 m multimode fiber links for any 850 or 1300nm application, including Gigabit Ethernet (GBE)
  • N.I.S.T. traceable

  • 2007 The Fiber Optic Marketplace