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Price: $8,995

The new Noyes M100-K-MM OTDR is a QUAD Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with integrated VFL (visual fault locator). Using "PDA" technology the M100 reaches a new level of value and portability. By combining a simple user interface with the features of a mini-OTDR in a "micro" package, the M100 is ideal for premises network Tier 2 fiber link certification and fault-location measurements including: connection loss and reflectance, splice loss, and fiber loss slope (attenuation rate). The M100 is also suited for broadband service providers looking for a highly portable OTDR to document and trouble-shoot fiber links in their access and FTTx (fiber to the home/curb/office) networks.

The multimode OTDR port is equipped with a tool-free, switchable adapter mount. ST, SC, and FC adapters are provided. The VFL port is equipped with a universal adapter that accepts any standard 2.5 mm connector. Saved test results can be transferred to a PC for archiving, printing, and analyzing with the supplied trace analysis software. Test results are stored in [*.sor] format.

All M100 models include: CompactFlash™ memory card, trace analysis software, carry case, AC adapter (specify power cord), manual, plus switchable SC, FC, and ST adapters.

  • Hand-held size and < 2.7 lb (1.2 kg)
  • 850/1300/1310/1550 nm
  • Real-time testing
  • Integrated Visual Fault Locator (650 nm)
  • Tool-free, switchable adapters (ST/SC/FC)
  • Bellcore (GR-196) file format
  • Compact Flash™ memory card
  • Free PC software for trace analysis and printing
  • TFT color display

  • Applications:
  • Premises network “Tier 2” certification
  • Broadband/access network testing
  • Baseline tracing
  • Fault-location
  • Connection loss and reflectance
  • Splice verification

    Specifications and Ordering Information:
     Specifications [PDF]
     Product Line Catalog [PDF]
     User Guide - English [PDF]
     M100 Hard Reset Instr [PDF]
     M100 Battery Charging Instr

    Related Information:
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     Trace600 User Guide [PDF]
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    Q: Will the safety filter protect your eyes with a 0dbm power level? Do you have any specs on what is a safe level with the filters?
    A: The safety filter would protect your eyes from a 0 dBm power level. The safety filter in the OFS 300 will drop a 0 dBm power level to between -30 dBm to -40 dBm. However, we do not promote inspecting live fibers. It is always the best practice to take all precautions in making sure the fiber you are inspecting is not live.

    Q: When I power my optical power meter off, do I need to perform the set reference procedure?
    A: No, the reference is stored in the meter until it has been over written by a new reference setting.

    Q: When I remove the batteries from my optical power meter, will I lose my test results?
    A: No, your test results are stored in ROM memory.

    Q: Is there any charge for downloaded software?
    A: No, all software may be downloaded "Free of Charge" and distributed as shareware. Any test equipment manufactured by Noyes that requires software, will be shipped with software and download cables.

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